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An extreme punishment for playing video games instead of sleeping.

Every time children start earlier in video games.

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Yes, you read correctly… A father has forced his son to play for 17 hours straight after catching him playing in bed. At first, it seems that the 11-year-old should be sleeping, however, the father discovered him playing with his mobile, where there are more and more options to play. Given this, he had no other idea than to force the child to play for 17 hours without sleep.

The boy said that his father started this punishment after finding him at 1am playinginstead of confiscating his mobile or doing another type of punishment… He thought it would be a good idea to have it glued to the screen until the boy burst into tears.. Considering how severe they are in China, this method may not surprise many, but it is certainly quite questionable…

17 hours in a row playing mobile with only 11 years

If you want to know the whole story, in the Daily Mail you can see it in maximum detail. But summarizing, the father has punished his son and recorded the “lesson” to upload it to Douyin, which has been the TikTok of China. And it seems, the punishment was only lifted once the child burst into tears and agreed to come to terms with his father. In fact, in the images you can see the boy in his pajamas and really tired after the time he has been without sleep and with his mobile phone.

Yes finally the little one seems to have learned his lesson and as we say, he has reached an agreement with his father to limit the hours of play and promise that what you will do when you go to bed is sleep. Neither read, nor play with the mobile, nor with their toys… Nothing. In fact, the father confirms that this has been done as a last resort and calls on others not to follow his example. It seems that he himself knows that this has not been a very good resource.

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The mobile is increasingly used as the platform for children to start playing video games.

Apparently, and according to the protagonists of the story and the Daily Mail itself, the punishment was being continued until the moment the boy couldn’t take it anymore. The tears of the 11-year-old boy and the agreement with his father have been the triggers so that finally, after 17 hours in a row, the boy can rest and return to his normal routine..

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