The apple watch has been launched and it is created exclusively which supports various apple apps. You can now easily enjoy the best apps for Apple Watch which is very handy and easy operating. In this post, I will list some of the Best Apple Watch Apps that are useful and at the same time handy. You can wear it on your wrist and enjoy its multi-functions which almost act as a mini Apple.

Best Apple Watch Apps

1. Runkeeper

best apps for apple watch

This is the best apps to communicate with your iPhone that provides different updates options. You can easily make your journey safe and secure with wearable GPS connectivity. Runkeeper app supports your Apple watch and you can now easily follow the routes in the journey to some unknown destinations. It is one of the best fitness apps for apple watch in app store. You no longer need to take out your iPhone or iPad because this Apple has come to your in a more handy way that is in the form of a watch. Can you imagine of wearable GPS map now?

2. Sleep++

This is one of the interesting Apple apps that you can carry on wearing on your hand. The most important functions of this app are the capability of grabbing all the information while you are snoozing. Sleep++ turns out to be one of the best sleep app for apple watch which is really impressive about this app. So, you can now easily keep an eye on what is happening around you even when you are in deep sleep.

3. Productive

If you want to be punctual in your every activity then this app will enable you to stay alert always. The Productive app helps in building daily schedules like morning schedules, afternoon and evening schedules. So, this will remind you of all your important tasks and this way you can keep check over some urgent task. This is one of the smart apps that are designed in Apple watch which is much handy now.

4. Just Press Record

This is one of the best apps for Apple watch that enables you to capture or record voice memos in a very simple way. This app functions with a massive button which works as a microphone to record your voice. Can you think of such handy app that you can get in simple handy Apple watch? Just press record app enables you to peruse or playback your recent recordings easily. So, after the recording is done it lurks on the Apple watch and you can transfer it to your iPhone.

5. eBay

You can now instantly keep watch over all your activities such as watching and to bid on items. Can you think that such a great world’s largest car boot sale is now available in your Apple Smartwatch? Well, you can now easily prepare for auction by preparing cash before the time ends. Apart from that it completely guides the busy businessman to easily hold on with his important works which became much handy.

6. Drafts

best apps for apple watch

The Notes has been always in need for Apple platform and it is now even extended to Apple watch. It is a very important and best app for apple watch. So, using this Draft app in your Apple watch you can record every kind of dictations and save it to this app. You can also browse and read all the notes on your Apple watch easily which is frequently updated also. For more benefits, you can use the new watchOS 7 Scribble features for writing notes and shopping lists features.

7. Fantastical

If you are really busy with your daily official task and personal events then you must keep a calendar that will remind you of your coming events. The Fantastical app for apple watch comes as a very handy and useful tool for managing time in best way. This is not just a calendar but it also has the features to make entries with the help of its best features. Well, this app is really exclusive that is provided in your Apple watch and it is good looking as well.


Since we are talking about all the available apps for Apple watches then it is necessary to discuss all the little apps. This app provides best memories with few chunky buttons to do all kinds of calculations. The operating buttons are lurking on the second screen and you can easily access on the screen. You will also find the third screen in this app working for the calculation purposes. By spinning the Digital Crown you can get at the units for performing other things which are very flexible.

9. Clicker

Using the Clicker app you can keep count on the big number on your Apple watch screen. In this app, you can keep a record of the count in the form of complication which is completely handy. This app help in counting multiple counters with few custom steps and it can be the best alternative of Tally 2. So, every time you click on the screen of your Apple watch you will see a big number which is absolutely crazy. You can download Clicker app for free in your Apple watch now to enjoy this awesome features.

10. Twitterrific

best apps for apple watch

This is one of the exclusive creations from Apple that will really enjoy this Twitterrific app in your Apple watch. This app functions perfectly in handling all kinds of notifications as of official Twitter app. You can activate this app on your iPhone and get direct link with you wrist watch. This way you can send direct messages and follow others as well tweet others easily. However, you will need to pay some amount to get out the best features out of the Twitterific app in your Apple watch.

11. Carrot Weather

Well, I have discussed so many apps for your Apple watch but one thing that is really missing out is the weather app. By using this weather app you will able to know the upcoming changes of next 10 hours. Carrot weather has become quite favorite to many users because of its smart design and clear display that delivers right report always. By scrolling down in this app you will able to get the complete forecast of the week with necessary details. It is one of the best weather app for apple watch to use every day.

The above-discussed apps are the best app for Apple watch that you can download and use. Some of the apps are really flexible and easy to customize, compile for better functioning. You can get the apps in free but in some cases, you might be charged some amount for getting all the necessary features. Well, this awesome Apple watch is really stylish in design, smart in looks and handy in functionality.

By Geeke