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New games leave the service at the end of the month.

Xbox Game Pass offers a large catalog of games.

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As usual in the Xbox Game Pass service, to support all the arrivals that enter the catalog, some games have to be taken from there, since Microsoft does not plan to raise the price of its subscription. That is why although the games available are growing, every month we have to deal with new dropouts. And some are very painful, like Guardians of the Galaxy, a really interesting installment that came out of the service this month.

Now too We know what other deliveries come out in this second half of the month, more specifically the 31st will be the one chosen to delete them from Xbox Game Pass. And we anticipate that one of those games that makes room for its successor is MLB The Show 22, if you have read correctly, this means that MLB The Show 23 will be available on Xbox Game Pass, so if you like baseball, don’t hesitate .

These games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month

If you want to know which games make up this list, keep reading, maybe there is one that hurts you. However, Don’t worry, because you will surely find a substitute among all the titles that make up the great Microsoft service. So with that said, let’s see what we’re missing on March 31:

MLB The Show 22A Memoir BlueChinatown Detective AgencyClusterTruckDouble Dragon NeonKraken Academy!!Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Were you playing any of these games? If so, you will have to hurry if you want to get the most out of it. Also, we have to remind you that if you are an Xbox Game Pass member and want to buy any of these games leaving the service, you have a 20% discount. Also, one of the upcoming additions to Xbox Game Pass is the long-awaited Ghostwire: Tokyo.

After these new abandonments, Microsoft has released a total of 15 Xbox Game Pass games during this month of March. Something that, as we say, is quite logical considering the number of games that make up the catalog. If there is something good about this service, it is the number of titles and the great diversity of styles that it offers. We cannot deny that from the smallest to the oldest they find a few deliveries that are to their liking.

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By Geeke