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They have had to use external tools to achieve this.

Super Mario 64 Snow Level

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Super Mario 64 was and is a title that has marked a before and after in the video game industry, since while many sagas and highly recognized studios took a hit with the jump to 3D, it could be seen that Nintendo managed to perfectly adapt the Mario formula to this new dimension that was added in the development of video games, while there are many who followed his example even to this day.

However, it cannot be said that the game is exempt from content, although a few years ago it was discovered that in Cool, Cool Mountain there is an Extra Life Mushroom whose only method of obtaining jump into the void, catch it and lose a lifeSo, in a sense, it makes it useless. However, knowing that many users have taken up the challenge of completing this title in every possible way, it has not been uncommon to see that there are those who are willing to get that life without dying whatever it takes.

You have to jump for an hour and a half to achieve this impossible mushroom

In this way, years after this discovery, we have been able to see that a speed-runner has managed to take this life without dying, although using external tools. All this is due to the fact that, as can be seen in this video from the PaLiX channel, the strategy to follow is practically to enter the tunnel in which the mushroom is located from its exit mouth, being necessary to be jumping from wall to wall for an hour and a half

This causes Mario little by little go up on the wall, which will cause it to reach a point where an exploit that calculates Mario’s position relative to the ground ends up taking him to this Extra Life. You can take a look at the method that has been followed below:

For the rest, it must be said that leaving Mario’s past behind, we can see how we are before the imminent release of his filmof which we have already been able to see its final trailer, at the same time that, despite the fact that today there is no official announcement in this regard, we already know that there is a new Super Mario video game in development.

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