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And he has proven to be a much more conciliatory person than the majority of users who have given their opinion on the new Bethesda game.

Starfield is one of the most important releases in recent years.

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Starfield, one of the big releases of 2023, is already among us, and we can already say that it can be perfectly considered one of the best Xbox Series X|S games. Of course, it is normal that there is a lot of diversity of opinions, and a wide variety of users have stated that they have not finished connecting with Bethesda’s space epic, but there are also those who have made it clear that this is an impressive game, as is the case of the 63-year-old user we will talk about today.

This user has published, as you can see below, his own review of the game on Reddit, which has ended up receiving many favorable comments and positive ratings. In it he not only explains that he is 63 years old, but also makes clear his love for the game from the beginning by titling the review as follows: “Starfield is one of the best games I’ve ever played.“.

Starfield is one of the greatest games I have ever played
byu/-Venat0r- inXboxSeriesX

In this he not only talks about his personal experience, but also goes into assessing the problems that many users are having, being much more understanding than most users when expressing that “we all have our own opinion“, while recognizing that “this game is not for everyone“.

This shows us that, unlike what many users claim, video games are a medium that we can enjoy regardless of our age. This user has been playing Starfield for 63 years, and has probably enjoyed the Bethesda game much more than most other people who have played it.

Toxicity does not disappear even in this situation

We could say that this publication is conciliatorywithout any desire to impose his opinion on others, and only speaking from his personal experience, but even so he has received criticism and disqualifications.

As the user himself has expressed in the second edition of this publication, there are certain people who in the comments are doubting his judgment, saying there’s no way Starfield is the best game he’s ever played. You can agree or not, but we are talking about their criteria, which is totally respectable.

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