Rocket League Basics How to Flip Fly and Roll

This gift is a mix between a great gift… And not so great.

Rocket League cars allow you to do anything crazy.

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It is common for us to see new creations by video game fans every day. Whether within the deliveries themselves or in the real world, this time we are going to go to the house of this user who has created a controller with an included support based on the Rocket League game, the real real football. All this was to give to his friend for his birthday, as you will see below, The result is something truly unique.

This player’s friend can be very happy, with this gift he will have a unique piece in the world. In addition, he has not only personalized a controller, but he has also made a kind of case completely themed with the appearance of the game. Of course, If we talk about Rocket League, cars cannot be missing either.something that is also present and personalized, therefore, each piece of this incredible gift will not be found anywhere else in the world.

This is this Xbox controller based on Rocket League

The person in charge of doing this amazing work has been the Reddit user PlatyMcNum. Just below this paragraph you can see the video that this user has shared on the forum. You will agree with us that the result of the whole set is… What has been said, unique and the amount of work he has had to carry out has been really high. Surely it has been almost as complicated as mastering Rocket League perfectly.

Make a custom Rocket League controller for my friend’s birthday!
byu/PlatyMcNum inXboxSeriesX

We have already told you that the result was unique, we have not made reference to the appearance at any time. The entire stand is really incredible with the ball forming the case and the car impacting the lower area. However, The controller seems to be another story, as many people have said, perhaps the result would have been better by painting it green and adding the details later. Having that grass in your hands can’t be very comfortable.

Rocket League is a free game that is available for all platforms, here is the analysis for Nintendo Switch if you want to take a look. The objective of the game is simple, get the ball into the opponent’s goal. While this may seem easy, Being able to control the mechanics and movements that the game offers is something on another level. However, we can assure you that if you haven’t played it yet, you should do so now. It may be complicated at first, but if you play with friends, laughter is guaranteed.

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