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Red Dead Redemption II can be yours thanks to the PlayStation Store sales, which leave it at a price that is hard to believe for its quality.

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PlayStation Store It is one of the platforms that gives the most importance to its offers, which is why they link up with each other so that there is no rest. Therefore, at this time The promotion regarding Experiences of another level is active, where you can find titles as impressive as the best game in history at a 67% discount and less than 20 euros, in addition to this great exclusive game with a 50% discount. Now, what we bring you is the best open world game in history, which once again reaches its all-time low.

Of course, we are referring to Red Dead Redemption II, the most recent work to date from Rockstar Games and which marked a before and after for the open world genre in its time. If you are one of the few who has not yet entered its world, you have it available right now in the PlayStation Store offers for only 29.99 euros in its final edition, which represents a 70% discount compared to its usual price on the platform. This is the same discount during the latest promotions in the digital store, so everything indicates that you will never find it cheaper. This translates into a saving of no less than 70 euros if you buy it before next October 12at which time the current promotion will end.

Red Dead Redemption II for PS5/PS4 for €29.99

Red Dead Redemption II, the game that has marked an entire generation, at an incredible price

A horse from Red Dead Redemption II stars in the game's most disgusting and surreal moment

Red Dead Redemption II capture

There is no doubt that everything Rockstar Games touches turns to gold, but with Red Dead Redemption II the bar was especially high, after the great success that was Grand Theft Auto V. However, it managed to exceed all expectations with a complete game, very rich in details and that revolutionized the open world proposals, especially with everything related to secondary activities and the life of his own world and its people, with some of the most impressive routines that had been seen up to that point.

Red Dead Redemption II for PS5/PS4 for €29.99

Therefore, do not miss this opportunity to get Red Dead Redemption II for only 29.99 euros through the PlayStation Store before October 12.

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