A difficult economic situation has led the Catalan studio to close its doors.

Lince Works launched Aragami 2 last year 2021

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The Spanish community of players have received sad news today after Lince Worksa video game developer studio based in Barcelona, ​​has announced the cessation of work next April indefinitely after nine years in business “putting our hearts and souls into creating immersive and entertaining games for you to enjoy, and we are very proud of what we have achieved.”

“Unfortunately, we have reached the end of our journey,” the indie studio has announced through its social networks and official blog. The reasons that have led them to make the decision have been the course of two years of difficult financial situation. Beyond the Aragami saga, Lince Works was advancing in the development of new IPs and a new course for the company, although its ambition has not reached a good goal as it encountered an unfavorable economic context and a race against time that was finally lost.

Aragami, which functioned as a game with samurai to combat the hype for Ghost of Tsushima, has been the most outstanding work of this study that is now heartbroken “to know that all the work we have done over the past year will not finally be completed“. In fact, both this game and its sequel can continue to be purchased on all platforms and stores, while maintaining their online functions.

Lince Works will seek the best possible future for its workers

Of course, the news of the closure of a Spanish indie developer is sad news for the sector which, despite operating at full capacity, is also experiencing different particular situations. In fact, as for the workers at the Lince Works, now everything possible is done to help them “find the best place to continue their career”. That said, remember that you can check our list of the best games developed in Spain.

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