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Whether you are a fan of rock music or not, chances are you have heard of Lee Sang-Soon. He’s been called a guitarist, a DJ and a singer-songwriter. He’s been in the band Ex-Roller Coaster. He’s been in the music industry for a long time, and he’s still going strong. He’s now an independent composer and is releasing some very exciting new albums.


Currently, Lee Sang-soon is part of the rock band Antenna along with Yoo Hee Yeol and Jung Seung-hwan. He also plays guitar for the girl group Baby Blue. He has also been active as a producer for various artists such as Lovelyz, IU and Park Bo-gum. He has been active in the music industry since 1999 when he joined Korean rock band Roller Coaster.

Lee Sang-soon is also a guitarist and composer. In 2010, he and Kim Dong Ryul created the Verandah Project. They were also lucky enough to produce the most viewed YouTube video of the year. He also got a nod as a producer for the JTBC audition program Super Band 2. His most noteworthy musical achievement is his role as a guitarist for the Korean rock band Roller Coaster.


Often referred to as “Yi Sang Sun” (literally, “Yi Sister Sun”), Lee Sang Soon is a South Korean singer-songwriter. She has collaborated with various artists on various albums, including her own. She has also worked as a session producer.

Lee has been involved with music since she was a teenager. She has been influenced by folk music and rock music. She has also worked with various animal rights organizations. She has donated to various animal shelters. She has also taken in abused animals.

Lee has appeared on several television shows. She is currently the highest paid female singer in South Korea. She earns a reported US$2.2 million a year. She has a contract with Mnet and Mnet’s new venture, Stone Music Entertainment.


Until recently, Lee Sang-soon was the undisputed king of the rock and roll kingdom. During his tenure in the music business, he has performed with some of the greatest musicians to grace the scene. He was a part of the group formerly known as Roller Coaster, a modern rock band with a cult following and a lineage that stretches back to the 70’s. He is also a founding member of the group formerly known as Baby Blue. He is also a bona fide DJ and has hosted the SBS Power FM show a number of times. He has a knack for the big ole’ bops and has a plethora of impressive awards to his credit. Among his many accolades, he is the recipient of the coveted lion’s share of the prestigious DJ award.


Whether it’s a music or TV show, Lee Sang-soon is an active member of the scene. He was part of a band called Roller Coaster and he has also participated in the more prestigious JTBC talent show Super Band 2. While he isn’t the first name on your list when it comes to musical talent, he has done a good job at keeping fans entertained throughout his career. In recent months, he has revealed that he is dating superstar Lee Hyori. Lee Hyori has already made an appearance in the first episode of Food and Hairy.

Lee Sang-soon is a multi-instrumentalist who has also earned a spot as a member of the aforementioned SSAK3 project. He has also made an appearance on the MBC hit show Hangout with Yoo, as well as the short-lived shinsengums.

Ex-Roller Coaster member

Currently, Lee Sang Soon, ex-Roller Coaster member, is in Korea playing guitar for Baby Blue. He is also active on Korean television. He has appeared in a number of variety shows. He has participated in various musical commercials for Samsung. His songs have received strong support from fans.

Lee Sang Soon, ex-Roller coaster member, is currently working on his debut solo album. His style has been classified as urban pop. He also contributes to music production. His last hit song, “Miss Korea”, showed his potential as a music producer. He also composed songs for Samsung Anycall cell phones.

Lee Sang Soon, ex-Rollercoaster member, was born in Osong-ri, Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. He studied at Gook Min University. His family includes his parents and older sister.

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