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The new form that Sukuna has shown is truly terrifying.

Sukuna has shown a creepy new form in the most recent chapters of the manga.

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Jujutsu Kaisen has given an extremely impressive twist to its plot, as many truly unexpected events have occurred during the Cursed Games, tipping the scales in favor of the two main villains of the series, Kenjaku and Sukunasince both have put their plans into action individually, managing to get away with it.

After the current development of the manga, it could be confirmed that the series could end much sooner than you think, since recent events have shown indications that there is very little left for all this chaos to be resolved once and for all.

Sukuna’s incredible feat has once again put him before the eyes of all the Sorcerers in the Cursed Games, since he has possessed the body of Fushiguro Megumi, obtaining full control over it, but, that’s not all, because the King of Curses has shown a terrifying new form which is pretty creepy. Next, we tell you the details.

It’s fasting contains spoilers for chapter #213 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Sukuna’s Terrifying New Form Has Been Revealed

Sukuna has shown a rather scary and creepy new look

Sukuna has shown a rather scary and creepy new look

As we have already mentioned, Sukuna has started to give free rein to his plans, since I hope the right moment to make your master move and seize the body of Fushiguro Megumi, this being an event that had been anticipated years ago by the creator of the series and nobody noticed.

The King of Curses has made a master move after breaking the limitations he had by staying in Itadori Yuji’s body, since this young man had the ability to suppress it with ease, so Sukuna took advantage of some failures that existed in the binding contract with this Sorcerer in order to achieve his goal, concentrating all his being and power on Itadori’s finger and forcing Megumi to ingest it.

This unexpected move by Sukuna has caused a great impression among those present, since no one ever imagined that this would happen, which situates him again as the definitive villain of the seriesa place that Kenjaku had taken from him with his recent actions.

But, this is not all, as Sukuna has been getting used to Megumi’s body, even having the ability to use the cursed techniques of this young sorcererwhich makes him really dangerous and unpredictable, which is why Fushiguro’s companions are determined to get him back, so Hana Kurusu decides to use his power to neutralize him.

Sukuna has shown a terrifying new form that is quite creepy

Sukuna has shown a terrifying new form that is quite creepy

However, Sukuna has devised a strategy to deceive the young woman, since he has taken advantage of the girl’s feelings, pretending that Megumi has taken control of her body again so that she gets closer to him and carry out her plan, because the King of Curses has transformed its head into a giant mouth to try to eat itbeing this the Sukuna’s most terrifying form Until now.

Sukuna has not stopped surprising those present, since he has flaunted his epithet as the King of Curses, demonstrating his power and cunning when performing different tricks to get away with itWell, apparently, this powerful curse has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that it hasn’t shown off yet.

Notably, Sukuna has been trying to get rid of all Sorcerers that could hinder youstarting with Hana, since she knows that this young woman has the ability to banish this Curse, so her attempt to devour her could have a double meaning, since doing so would eliminate her from the equation and obtain her power, making her unstoppable. .

However, Itadori, despite being quite dismayed by such an overwhelming situation, has decided to fight directly against Sukuna to get his friend back whatever the cost, so in the midst of the flash of courage that Yuji has shown, he has anticipated the true power he possesses and is still unaware of, which has given the plot a more interesting touch.

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