Buitoni and Nestle raffle 10 batches of products

Participate in the draw for buitoni and nestle to be able to win one of the 10 lots that contain chocolates for desserts and puff pastry.

This June 23 San Juan is celebrated, the shortest night of the year and one of the most magical as well.

And so that you do not stay without enjoying one San Juan cokeBuitoni and Nestlé have come together to launch a raffle in which you can win ingredients to make a chocolate coke.

It will be deliver 10 prizeseach batch is composed of:

1 Finissima Buitoni2 Mass Masses Rectangular Bur 0g

How do I participate in the Buitoni raffle?


You have time to participate until the day June 25th from 2023 at 23:59.

Good luck to everyone!

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