One year after its release, Sifu will be re-released with five new game modes.

SIFU presents its free expansion

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The developer Slocap has announced the launch of Sifu for Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC on March 28. This same day will be released Arenas, the free expansion of the game that is already available on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC through the Epic Games Store.

The Arenas expansion will include up to nine new locations and 45 merciless challenges divided into five game modes. In the first of them, the survival modekung fu masters will be pushed to their limits as waves of enemies descend on them, while the Performance mode It will lead them to be perfectionists.

He Time Attack mode de Sifu will mean a fight against time on a path full of enemies. Meanwhile he capture mode will require taking and holding a marked area of ​​the game. Finally, add the just Manhuntwhere a specific target must be shot down surrounded by protectors.

Sifu is revived a year later

Sifu stood out for its combat system, presenting the story of a young kung fu student who pursues the murderers of his family in search of revenge. The title stands out by having an innovative mechanic that causes the character to age with each deathso completing it as young as possible is quite a challenge.

After arriving at the end of last year on Nintendo Switch, Sifu is now preparing his arrival on Xbox one year after its original release exclusively for PlayStation. In our analysis of the game we anticipate that “it is a most interesting game, which is completely based on a challenging gameplay that requires patience and a lot of skill. In addition, the death cycle and the way in which it penalizes you is original and gives a breath of fresh air to a genre like roguelike that we see more and more used in recent years.”

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