Crismona raffles 5 batches of products with an apron

To celebrate the return of the holidays Chrismona raffles 5 batches of products + 5 aprons among those who answer the curious contest question.

Chrismona take every day to your table raw materials of the best quality that have been carefully selected previously, discarding those that do not meet the requirements of the established standard.

If you are a fan of the gastronomyyou will also love having the fun and colorful apron whose design and print are inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art with the emblematic can of chopped, to bring joy to your kitchen.

Each batch of Crismona products will contain:

1 Can of Chopped Pork special Crismona 425 g1 Can of Chopped Turkey Crismona 400 g1 Can of Crismona pork frankfurt sausages 230 g.1 Can of Crismona turkey sausages 230 g.1 Lunch can of Crismona pork 300 g.1 Pack of two cans of Chopped Pork special Crismona 130 g1 Apron Crismona.

How do I participate in the Crismona draw?

Access the «September 2022 Crismona Contest»Fill in the form with the requested data. Answer the following question: How many letters does the following question have if we subtract those from your answer? How many grams does the smallest can of Crismona chopped turkey weigh?

Take part

You have time until September 30th of 2022.

Good luck!

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