Draw of 25 shirts of the Spanish team

Participate in this raffle Day Supermarkets in which he distributes among his followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, 25 t-shirts officials of the Spanish team.

If you are a true fan of the National Team, you cannot miss this very simple raffle in which the cookies are joined Principe and Oreo with Dia Supermarkets.

For this you only have to leave a comment with your favorite Oreo or Prince moment.

Whether at your breakfasts or snacks, there is sure to be a place for your favorite cookies.

So don’t think about it and leave your participation in all social networks so that you increase your chances of winning one of the prizes:

25 shirts of the official Victory Red first kit of the Spanish Soccer Team (SEF) brand Adidas.

This shirt model is the previous one of the new kit of the Spanish Soccer Team.

How do I participate in the DIA draw?

Participate on Instagram:

Take part

Participate on Twitter:

Take part

Participate on Facebook:

Take part

You can participate in all networks to increase your chances of winning up to November 10 of 2022.

Very attentive to your private messages on networks in case they contact you as one of the winners.

In that case, you will have only 48 hours to respond and accept the prize

Good luck!

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