Weleda and Perfumes Club raffle 8 lots

Participate in the draw for Weleda and Perfume Club to be able to win one of the 8 lots with products from the Skin Food range.

Are you looking for a repairing and moisturizing cream with natural ingredients?

You’re in luck because Perfumes Club has teamed up with Weleda to launch a raffle in which you can take home a pack with their best hydrating creams.

The line skin food de Weleda offers body creams formulated with natural and organic ingredients, and can also be used on the face and body.

will be raffled 8 lots Skin Food range including:

Body Lotion fluid creamIntensive nutrition cream for body and faceIntensive body creamLight face and body cream

How do I participate in the Perfumes Club raffle?


The more comments, the more chances you have to win!

Winners will be announced on the day May 12.


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