“We were Songs”, a new bestseller by Elísabet Benavent turned into a film

A little over a month ago, on September 29, one of those films was premiered that before being released you already know is going to be a sure hit among young audiences, it’s about We were songs.

We were songs It is based on the highly successful series of novels written by Elizabeth Benavent and titled songs and memories.

Elísabet Benavent, known online as Betacoquettehas written 20 books in seven years, has sold more than two million copies and has 264,000 followers on Instagram with which Netflix has been a guaranteed success.

It is the second time that Netflix adapts a story by this writer, because a few months ago the series hit the platform Valeria based on the saga of novels titled In Valeria’s Shoes and of which there is already a second season, although the public’s criticism was not as good as expected.

With a cast starring Alex Gonzalez Y Maria Valverde and that they complete Elizabeth Casanovas, Susana Abaitúa, Eva Ugarte, Miri Pérez-Cabrero, Carlo Constanzia, Claudia Galán, Roger Berruezo, Ignacio Montes, Artur Busquets, It was not going to go unnoticed among the titles of the streaming platform.

The film is directed by Juana Macias nominated for a Goya for Best New Director in 2010 for Planes para Mañana and with a script signed by Laura Sarmiento.

the protagonist is bruise (María Valverde), a young woman in her thirties who works as a network assistant for a Pipesomewhat despotic and quite insufferable network influencer, role played by Miri Perez-Cabrero the one who was previously a Master Chef contestant.

Maca spends the time that her great friends Jimena Y Adriana and meeting guys she doesn’t want to commit to, but gets in her way Leo (Álex González) her great love who will come to disrupt Maca’s world again after leaving her with a broken heart in the past.

This meeting with Leo will make Maca have to take control of her life and face all her fears and traumas.

Because if there is something fundamental, it is that to love you must first love yourself and that is one of the main themes that this film addresses along with knowing how to forgive mistakes.


In short, a product to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon, without great pretensions and without further significance, recommended above all for fans of Benavent’s books, in which the longings of its characters are barely explored and which tries to give an air novel by breaking the fourth wall by speaking directly to the viewer to explain his character’s feelings.

A romantic comedy of meetings and disagreements that does not quite find its place and whose two hours seem excessively long with small touches of humor.

A product that is easily forgotten but that serves to spend a rainy Sunday while having pizza and popcorn with friends.

By Geeke