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Remedy Entertainment bets on various games for the future.

This is the new logo of Remedy Entertainment

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Remedy Entertainmentcurrently in development Alan Wake II and Control 2, has updated its logo for the first time in more than 20 years. “A few years ago, while our studio was transforming from creating a single game at a time to making several simultaneously and expanding beyond the borders of Finland, to a second location in Stockholm, Sweden, we embarked on a mission to refine our identity image ”, they explain on their own website.

In the statement, Remedy explains that the bullet in the letter R of their previous logo represented the era of Max Paynebut the studio is now much larger than just one game, with the new logo being something that “means a lot to us. Like the games we create at Remedy, we approach this process with great care, consideration, and a lot of passion.” .

This new Remedy that prepares more Control projects and the remake of Max Payne 1&2 wants to create more worlds, stories and memorable characters. “We wanted our new logo to reflect how we constantly evolve and continue to create exciting games with the best people. Yet it all remains a remedy where fearless creativity thrives. We hope you like the new look.”

Remedy Entertainment’s Upcoming Games

Remedy will offer a great launch in the year 2023, in the case of Alan Wake 2, the studio’s first foray into the survival horror genre, which hopes it can deliver a chilling experience with familiar elements of psychological horror. will come later Control 2also to PS5, Xbox Series and PC, which was recently announced showing its first concept art.

Another unnamed project is a cooperative spin-offprovisionally known as Codename Condorwhich is “in the proof of concept stage” as the development team figure out clever ways to use the world of the Control saga.

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