Proxima a ti raffles off 5 E50 Amazon cards

A new active survey of Close to you so you can answer it and you can enter the draw for 5 €50 Amazon cards + a whole year of Lenor Unstoppables.

If you still can't find a perfumer that leaves clothes smelling fresh for a long time, then you should try Lenos Unstoppables.

Lenor Unstoppables are scented pearls, which release aromas of citrus and flowers with each wash.

You just have to place the pearls directly into the empty drum before casting, and that's it.

And in this giveaway, in addition to getting a whole year of this perfumer, you can buy what you want so much from Amazon.

The awards They will be a €50 Amazon card and a free year of Lenor Unstoppables perfume.

How do I participate in the Próxima a ti draw?


You have up to June 28th of 2024.


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