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PlayStation Plus has made one of the strangest moves since the service’s new model was given the green light, removing one of its classic exclusive games.

PlayStation Plus adds and removes games from the subscription service’s catalog every month.

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PlayStation Plus is already preparing for the announcement of the free games of the month of february, something for which there is already a specific date. Until that time comes, the current subscription service focuses on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, which recently received 12 new games that are added to the catalog of titles and 10 that have left never to return. However, with respect to the latter, there another title that disappears from the list of available games and sets a dangerous precedent for the platform.

And it is that, for the first time, PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium withdraw one of its exclusive games from the subscription service. In fact, it is striking that it is one of the classic games that have been brought back precisely to be part of the most advanced modality, which seems a symptom that the games from previous systems that are being chosen are not working as they should. The title in question is Super Stardust Portable, the PSP title that was added just a few months ago.. Information recently emerged that Sony would be preparing a revolution in the PlayStation Plus catalog to improve its offer of classics, but this movement sets off all the alarms.

In this way, As of January 24, Super Stardust Portable will not be able to be enjoyed through the PlayStation Plus Premium classics catalog, a precedent that may mean the disappearance of other titles of this modality. We will have to be very attentive to future movements by the subscription service in relation to its classic games.

Two new demos are available on PlayStation Plus Premium

Where it does seem that the Japanese company is betting on the Premium mode of PlayStation Plus is in relation to the demos that are offered of some recent games. In fact, two new game tests have recently been added, one from The Last of Us Part I and another from Gotham Knightstwo of the most recent and interesting titles that have been added to the PS5 and PS4 catalog and that subscription service players can now try.

PlayStation Plus February 2023: predictions for the free games of the month

We will have to wait to see what happens with the subscription service’s catalog of classics, but if you don’t know which ones it includes right nowwe recommend you take a look at our list with all the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games, updated in real time.

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