Redfall joins other games with an online component, requiring a permanent Internet connection.

Redfall key art, the new from Arkane Studios

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Despite the effort that Arkane Studios has always made to highlight that Redfall can be played both cooperatively and solothe truth is that the team has recently revealed a detail that may not like too much to those who planned to enjoy this on their own open world shooter RPG From the creators of Dishonored and Prey. It turns out that, even playing alone, Redfall will require a permanent internet connectionsimilar to other games as a service today.

Redfall is the new bet from Arkane Austin, the studio responsible for Prey, together with Harvey Smith, creator of Dishonored. Together they work on a new proposal within the open world RPG shooter genre with vampires as main villains and stage design and mechanics immersive sim to which the team has accustomed us. That in the end it was not an arcade cooperative shooter type Left 4 Dead made part of the gaming community happy, but with this measure of permanent connection it may win some detractors again.

Requirement to play Redfall solo

As we can read in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the official Redfall website, when asked if Redfall will require an online connection to play, Bethesda confirms that “it is required a persistent online connection for single player and cooperative“. In addition, as in other multiplayer titles of the company, it will be necessary to have a account and, of course, link your Steam/Xbox ID.

This is a common practice today in many games with an online component, but it is still a way to apply a DRM whether or not you want to use those features online. Surprising, however, the single player approach that the last promotion of the game had during the Developer Direct, ignoring this detail that had to be discovered through the FAQ on the game’s website and that could hinder the experience of those who do want to enjoy the game alone.

Redfall will finally be out next may 2 for Xbox Series X | S and PC, and those responsible assure that it is the biggest and most ambitious game from Arkane Studios till the date. We’ll see if it can match the hit of Hi-Fi Rush, the new from Tango Gameworks that came by surprise to Xbox Game Pass just a few days ago. You can enjoy this and other games on Xbox Game Pass PC and Xbox consoles.

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