Kuvut raffles 60 Kelloggs cereal kits

kuvut has launched a new campaign in search of 60 micro-influencers who want to receive 1 batch of Kelloggs products at home.

Kuvut is a platform for participatory marketing where every month you can do different actions with brands in a fun way.

You can opine about products, share information and photos on social media, and more.

Belonging to this community gives you the possibility of obtaining great benefits such as refundsfree product trials and access to contests.

And he currently has an active campaign in which he is looking for 60 people who want to take home a batch of Kelloggs cereal for a true breakfast of champions.

If you are one of the selected ones you will be able to receive at home:

1 box of Corn Flakes:

1 box of Krave Choco Nut: cereal in the form of pads that contain wheat, oats and rice. They are super crunchy on the outside and inside they have a delicious chocolate and hazelnut flavored filling.

1 box of Frosties: toasted and sugared cornflakes. They will become one of your favorite breakfasts, because in addition to their flavor, they contain vitamins and minerals.

How do I enter the Kuvut, Kelloggs Sweepstakes?


You can participate until the day March 26th.

Good luck!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of the promotion, below, to follow up.

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