Draw of 25 lots with 1 mobile phone case and

Dominos and Phone House come together to raffle on Instagram 25 prizes which includes, each, 1 free pizza + 1 mobile phone case.

Today is the Day of the geek pridean event that until recently was a source of ridicule, and that is now established as a special day with which more and more people feel identified.

And since today is about being geeks, pay attention! because this is not a draw to use.

And it is that in this case, as more people comment and participate, new prizes and better batches of gifts will be added to the pot

So don’t miss out on this opportunity in which these two great brands honor all geeks with these awards:

Base prizes: 25 lots with 1 mobile case + 1 Dominos pizza free. If the post reaches 20k comments: 11 prizes of 1 mobile are added Redmi Note 11 and 10 Premium Dominos ‘Eat & Drink’ passes. If the post reaches 40k comments: 1 prize PlayStation 5 Y 1 year of pizza Dominos

How do I participate in the Dominos giveaway?

Take part

You can participate until may 31 from 2022

Comment tagging as many friends as you want, so they can participate and increase the comments to reach the final prize.

Stay tuned because the winners will be tagged in the same giveaway post.


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