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The Basque content creator narrated the match on his Twitch channel and then analyzed all the controversies, giving his opinion on each of them

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During the past week the biggest streamers were very aware of football because of the Champions League quarterfinals. The influence of these parties has been such that until ElXokaswho is not a faithful follower of the sport, has spoken about the Real Madrid matchemphasizing that he cannot be so lucky, something that has cost him a new confrontation with a follower, to whom he ended up telling him that he would “slap him like you would go around the world 3 times.”

the river He has been another of the content creators who have followed these playoffs and the hangover they have left us with. However, in El Clásico that was played yesterday, the Basque went one step further and He dared to narrate the game and comment on all the controversies afterwards. This, as it could not be otherwise, includes the Lamine Yamal ghost goal, which has sown so much disparity of opinions. The streamer had no problem analyzing the play and ending up giving your point of view on whether the ball went in or not.

Ibai gets wet about whether Lamine Yamal's ghost goal went in or not


Was it a goal for Barça's Phantom Goal? #fyp #parati #foryou #barça #realmadrid #elclasico #ibai

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The TikTok account viraltwitchclips01 has been in charge of collecting the Basque clip watching the play repeated to analyze as best as possible whether that shot completely crossed the goal line or not. After narrating the entire match, including Bellingham's final goal that Ibai celebrated in style, the streamer wanted to make a kind of “post party” brief to clarify, among other things, this controversy.

After watching the play repeated many times and concentrating on the place the ball occupies on the goal line, the content creator recognized: “It looks like a goal to me here”. Ibai repeated this phrase more than once, also highlighting that the sensation could be different from another perspective. In fact, the Basque saw it so clearly that even He wondered if the image was realbecause I had the impression that In the live performance I had not seen the ball so deep.

Even so, although Ibai claimed that it was a goal for him, The technology of other countries seems to have clarified that the ball did not enter by very little. Even though the streamer was wrong, this serves to demonstrate your objectivitybecause even though he was from Real Madrid he could have an opinion against the interests of his team.

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