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Although you will have to work hard to achieve it.

Main art of Grand Theft Auto Online, a game that now gives away a very rare item.

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Grand Theft Auto V has become, on its own merits, one of the best games in history, and it is not only the quality of the video game itself that matters (which also matters), but rather the influence it has had on the sector, and in certain cases, in society, and we can say that this is one of those last cases. A title that has attracted people from outside our industry, and that has managed to become one of the best-selling video games in history, something that has achieved, mainly, thanks to its online component: Grand Theft Auto Online.

We are not talking about a title that is losing players, far from it, but about one that ideas, from time to time, new ways to keep your users playing, and enjoying all its different game modes. This is the reason why from time to time Rockstar gives away unique items, which are very difficult to get otherwise, as it has now.


GTA Online has become, over the years, a piece of the utmost importance within the sector.

It’s time to get the squad together

As reported by Game Rant, we are currently immersed in the second part of the missions of The Last Dose expansion. Specifically, until May 17, users of GTA Online can get 50% more GTA$ and experience by completing missions of this class, although the best comes if you decide to complete them on the highest difficulty.

If you do, you will receive a lot of relatively rare items, and all of it as a gift, but when you complete all missions on that difficultyin the end you will receive a special finish of the Micro SMG, one of the best weapons you can find in this title, something that makes it more special. Also, you should know that, as the headline says, we are talking about a rather rare object.

That said, you must decide if you want to enter these missions, from one of the best multiplayer games that exist, and do it on maximum difficulty to be able to get this mentioned object, although we can say that, if you are a collectorthis can be very worthwhile.

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