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The classic Donkey Kong arcade machine appears in the Super Mario movie, but without the gorilla.

Donkey Kong gives Mario a good beating as soon as he starts

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The Super Mario movie has been such a success that it didn’t take long for it to become the best box office start for an animated film, and even its already famous song by Peaches will be at the Oscars. And all this despite the fact that the design team slipped a subtle change into one of the most famous characters in the Mario franchise and Nintendo in general: Donkey Kong. It turns out that the mischievous prince of the monkey kingdom has a different origin in the movie.

Donkey Kong first appeared in Nintendo games in the famous arcade Of the same name in which we controlled Super Mario, who had to climb some stairs while dodging the barrels that the gorilla threw at him. Well, in the Super Mario movie that position has been replaced by a yeti.

A slightly changed Donkey Kong

That is, since on the tape the first meeting with donkey kong It is in the kingdom of the Kongs, as a prince, he could not appear as the protagonist of this classic arcade machine. Therefore, in the ad commercial starring Mario and Luigi that appears at the beginning of the film, where the famous arcade is seen, instead of Donkey Kong a white yeti appears. Check out:

Undoubtedly, a curious detail that shows that Illumination and Nintendo were attentive to even the smallest detail in order to offer all kinds of winks and referencesbut without ceasing to be coherent with the rest of the film and its plot.

At the moment there is no new deliveries of the Nintendo plumber confirmed for the coming months, but it is said that a new remaserization of a classic Mario game could arrive soon.

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By Geeke