7250 refunds for Filipinos

Upload a photo or video to your social networks and get a refund of your Filipinos favorites.

Do you want Filipinos for free? Well, don’t miss out on participating in this promotion to get your refund.

Participating is very easy, you only have to have an active and public account in instagram either TikTok.

During the promotional period, the first 50 users Those who upload their photo or video with the promoted Filipinos pack, Monday through Friday, will be declared daily winners.

Videos or photos uploaded during weekends or holidays will not be taken into account.

The participating products in this promotion (with the image on the packaging) and their respective refunds are as follows:

Filipinos 75gr Milk Chocolate – €1 Filipinos 75gr Dark Chocolate – €1 Filipinos 75gr White Chocolate – €1 Filipinos 93+35gr Milk Chocolate – €1.40 Filipinos 93+35gr Dark Chocolate – €1.40 Filipinos 93+35gr Chocolate White – €1.40

How do I get the refund from Filipinos?

Acquire a pack Promoting FilipinosUpload a photo or video to Instagram or TikTok tagging @wesharefilipinosSend the photo or video by private message to @wesharefilipinosYour account must be public during that time

Request Refund

Remember that the photo must show the Filipinos pack well and that only photos of Monday to Fridayweekends are excluded.

Participate until November 4th.

Go for those free Filipinos!

You can consult the legal bases in this link.

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