Tv Bio is looking for 90 NaturGreen Maple Syrup testers

Here we share a new campaign Tv Bioand is looking for 90 NaturGreen brand Maple Syrup testers.

Maple Syrup is a strong-flavored sweetener that comes from maple trees, which have been harvested sustainably respecting the cycles of nature, without pesticides or chemicals.

And it's healthier than refined sugar, making it an excellent alternative to replace it.

You can enjoy it in pancakes or waffles, salads, sauces, coffees, or however you prefer.

Would you like to try it for free?

Each of the 90 selected You will receive 1 bottle of NaturGreen Maple Syrup at home.

How do I sign up for the TV Bio campaign?


You have up to March 5th to be able to register.


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Written on: 02-27-2024 | (Valid until: 03-05-2024 or end of stock) | by Claudia | Comment

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