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Announced in 2019, the game developed by Daedalic Entertainment has been delayed by two years.

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Daedalic Entertainment and Nacon have finally announced the release date for The Lord of the Rings: Gollumwhich will be released next 25 of May on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, leaving behind the Nintendo Switch version, which is coming later this year.

Announced in 2019 and scheduled for 2021, the developer Daedalic Entertainment proposed the title as one of the first of the new generation of consoles, although it finally decided to add PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as platforms, which caused the first delay in the game. game until 2022. Later, the title was postponed until this 2023 to improve your bottom line.

The news has been given in a live broadcast in which the action and platform game that You’ll want to explain what Gollum did between the time between The Hobbit books/movies and The Lord of the Rings. However, it should be remembered that the title, which has also shown more gameplay material today, will not be canonical for the saga.

Gollum stars in his own adventure

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been raised as a story-focused action-adventure. Thus, players will embark on a dangerous journey as Gollum, in search of the only treasure that he knows thanks to his personality and cunning. Thus, players must survive and overcome challenges in different ways, also being able to climb, jump and grab to avoid dangers or reach favorable positions.

The game, which has unique features on PS5, will also include decisions that will influence Gollum’s personality, debating between his two faces, Gollum and Sméagol. We recently watched the story-focused trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, revealing the aspect of the aspect of Gandalf and Thranduilfather of Legolas and lord of the Black Forest, among other characters.

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