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Through a job offer, the possibility of developing systems with different architectures is mentioned.

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Although all the rumors indicated that the new PlayStation Showcase would be held this week, in the end that was not the case. However, From Sony itself they have already given the first clue in relation to the broadcast event that will be offered all the news that is approaching the PS5 environment in the coming months, so the most logical thing is that it be celebrated on dates close to those of last year, when the May 26. However, it seems that The Japanese firm thinks much further.

This is because through a new job offer published by Sony, we are looking for a profile that can take care of develop systems with different architectures. Taking into account that the arrival of PS5 Pro is expected for the end of this year, everything leads to think that they are referring to PS6 and the rumored new portable console that would be in the works to launch alongside the new generation. That the offer talks about different architectures can mean many things, but the most plausible would be data exchange between a desktop and a laptopjust as the rumors advanced months ago.

Develop systems that allow programs developed for our entertainment game consoles run on game consoles with different architectures. Specifically, we will allow a large number of titles of Games developed for PlayStation run on the new architecture system“, highlights the aforementioned offer. With this, Sony would already be preparing the ground to bring PS5 games to future consoles.

PlayStation faces a new era with its two presidents

After Jim Ryan's departure as president of PlayStation, the Japanese company has already announced who will replace it in its tasks to carry out the new era that the brand will face in the coming years. Thus, Hermen Hulstwho was director of PlayStation Studios and Guerrilla Games, becomes the CEO of the new Studio Business Groupresponsible for all PlayStation game content, as well as bringing its franchises to new media such as film and television.

For its part, Hideaki Nishinowho served as senior vice president of SIE's Platform Experience Group, will be appointed CEO of Platform Business Group de SIEwhose main functions will be responsibility for technology, products, services and platform experience, as well as maintaining relationships with other external companies

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