Smileat raffles 10 Triboo packs

Fill out a form and you can win one of the brand’s 1 TRIIBOO packs smileatwhich contains cereals and organic sugar-free snacks special for children.

Smileat has arrived to improve your children’s nutrition, offering products 100% ecologicalfree of allergens, without preservatives, and made with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

They offer baby food, cereals, food and fruit jars, dried fruit powder, snacks and infusions for babies and children.

With its new brand TRIIBOO, your child will be able to enjoy cereals and snacks with 0% sugar and with vegetable protein.

And made with so only 5 ingredients: wheat flour, chicory root fiber, chickpea flour and green lentil flour, and date powder.

will be raffled 10 packs TRIIBOO.

Each pack contains:

1 x TRIBOO Cereals

1 x TRIBOO Cocoa Cereals

1 x TRIBOO Apple Snack

1 x Strawberry and Apple Snack TRIBOO

1 x TRIBOO Blueberry and Apple Snack

1 x TRIBOO Banana and Apple Snack

1 x TRIBOO Lemon and Apple Snack

How do I participate in the Smileat raffle?


And that’s it, you’ll be participating in the draw.

you have until the day April 30, 2023 to be able to participate.

Good luck!

You can consult the legal bases in this link.

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