television lg 55uq80006lb

LG television is one of the best options for quality and price.

LG TV achieves brighter images and darker blacks

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Many users have launched to buy a 4K TV to enjoy the games. It is increasingly common to see this type of television in Spanish homes, since they can significantly enhance image quality. In this sense, LG is one of the most recognized brands and its 55-inch Amart TV 4K UHD it only costs 465.99 euros on Amazon. It has a great discount with a 28% discount, being able to save almost 200 euros in this purchase.

We have already told you about the advantages of best TVs for PS5. Although the main difference is the image on the highest possible resolution, achieving greater realism and immersion. The LG screen can exceed 600 euros, but it has a great 28% discount that you can take advantage of It is perfect for enjoying the audiovisual content you want: series, movies or video games. After OLED technology, which can be quite expensive, these types of televisions give very good results.

LG TV 55UQ80006LB

Get now a 4K TV from LG for less than 500 euros

Television LG 65UQ80006LB

This LG UltraHD TV has image details in 4K resolution

It’s about a uhd tv that stands out outside and inside. To begin with, it has a very thin design with narrow bezels that give all the prominence to the image. A very elegant 55-inch screen with a processor with artificial intelligence. This enhances the audiovisual experience with new standards for 4K content regardless of the source of origin.

A Smart TV with a easy and intuitive system for the user. The powerful processor is highly accurate in achieving tones and more vivid colors, acting on 576 areas of each frame. 5.1 sound is not far behind, making the audio more enveloping. This television is compatible with the best-known voice assistants such as Alexa or Google. It is also available in many sizes. from 43 to 86 inches.

LG TV 55UQ80006LB

For price, this LG phones It is one of the best options to renew your screen. Just it costs 465.99 euros with Amazon’s 28% discount. This means that you can save up to 183 euros in total that you can use to buy a sound bar of the same brand. Is he perfect combo to enjoy all the audiovisual content from the sofa at home.

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