Santa Gloria will distribute 30000 free croissants

This March 25 Holy Glory will distribute free croissants in 113 establishments throughout Spain.

As every year, the Day of Saint Glory does not go unnoticed in one of the most recognized cafeterias in Spain.

And to celebrate the day, Santa Gloria will give away one of its star products: the mini croissants or ‘glories’.

A free glory will be given to all who ask for a coffee or tea in the cafeteria.

Santa Gloria is expected to deliver 30,000 croissants in 113 establishments distributed throughout different cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Bilbao, Guadalajara or Zaragoza.

You can see all their addresses in this listing.

We recommend you keep an eye on Santa Gloria’s social networks to be informed about participating branches.

How do I get the free Santa Gloria offer?

Go to the nearest Santa Gloria Buy a coffee or tea

get offer

This way you can get a glory for free.

Remember that the day will be Saturday March 25th.

We don’t know the schedule but most likely it will be during the morning.

Go for those croissants!

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