Patatas Melendez raffles air fryer box of chips and more

Win prizes such as an air fryer, aprons, a box of frying potatoes and more by participating in the raffle for Melendez potatoes.

March 31 is the world potato day and Patatas Meléndez could not be left behind with the celebration, which is why it has launched a special raffle.

And it is that the potato It is an essential element in a healthy diet, since it is a great source of carbohydrates, potassium, vitamins and minerals.

At Patatas Meléndez, 4 types of potatoes are mainly produced: to fry, to cook, to use in fittings and the all-purpose potato, the most versatile that can be used in any recipe.

In this special raffle will be raffled 3 awards:

1st prize: Create Airfryer, apron, thermos and 1 Meléndez Potato Fry Box 2nd prize: Apron, thermos and 1 Meléndez Potato Fry Box 3rd prize: Apron and 1 Meléndez Potato Fry Box

How do I participate in the Patatas Meléndez raffle?







Participate until April 9.


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