Marcaropa draws 2 cards of E100

With wardrobe marker you can win 1 of the 2 prizes of €100 that they are raffling to spend on the products on their website that you like the most.

If you are one of those who usually labels your children’s items to have a more controlled order of their things or you like decorating with vinyl, this giveaway is great for you.

Marcaropa is an online store dedicated to the sale of iron-on labels of fabric to iron or sew on completely personalized clothes, which help to identify things for both children and adults.

In addition, if you take a tour of their website, you will be able to see other items such as vinyl for decoration, wall height meters, and labels in format stickers with very cute designs.

Marcaropa products are fully customizable and very useful if your child tends to lose their personal items at school or anywhere else.

will be raffled 2 prizes of €100 that you can spend on products from the Marcaropa website.

How do I participate in the Marcaropa raffle?


The promotion has a deadline on the day February 14th.

Good luck!

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