the punisher keanu reeves ucm

Fan art imagines what Keanu Reeves would be like if he joined Marvel Studios as Frank Castle

Keanu Reeves has been part of several action franchises

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Now what Marvel Studios is about to face a new stage after the premiere of Deadpool & Wolverinehe UCM It could recover the essence that led it to become one of the most followed franchises in cinema. To this it is worth adding the fact that Avengers: Secret Wars is getting closer to its premiere. This is a production that was understood by many as part of a possible reboot complete or partial that would allow us to see new versions of Marvel's best-known characters.

Fan art imagines what Keanu Reeves would be like if he joined Marvel Studios as Frank Castle

At the same time, the best-known fan castings about the UCM possibly they are the ones who stars Keanu Reeves, an actor who has been imagined as part of several roles in which even he has shown particular interest. In this case, Keanu Reeves plunges into the deepest tragedy as The Punisher in it UCM. The image, which has quickly circulated on social media, features the iconic actor who gave life to Neo as Frank Castlethe antihero of Marvel known for his relentless fight against crime. The result has been very well received, which is why an interesting debate has been generated about the possibility of see Keanu Reeves in this iconic role.

The Punisher He may be one of the most complex characters in Marvel. Frank Castle lived one of the worst possible tragedies, when his entire family ended up dying in the middle of a mafia-led attack. Since then, Frank Castle became what was known as The Punisher, someone determined to eradicate crime at any cost. Is that use of extreme violence what distinguishes him from other heroes of Marvelwhich has earned him a passionate fan base.

The Punisher Keanu Reeves UCM

This is what Keanu Reeves would look like if he were Frank Castle in Marvel Studios

Taking into account the fact that Keanu Reeves has played characters with a similar type of trauma, he seems like a perfect choice for the role. His work in the John Wick film saga, in which he played a retired assassin who returns to action for a personal vendetta, shows that he has the personality necessary to give life to someone like Frank Castle. Keanu Reeves is no stranger to engaging in intensely physical action sequences, so the circumstances align with the hand-to-hand combat style that characterizes The Punisher.

As is usual with these types of fan-made creations, there is no official information to suggest that this could actually happen. Although it is true that still there are no official plans from Marvel Studios to include the Keanu Reeves as The Punisher, the response to this fan art demonstrates a clear interest in the audience to see it on the big screen. After all, Kevin Feigethe president of Marvel Studioshas mentioned in the past his desire to find the right role for Keanu Reeves in it UCM, what keeps hope alive among fans.

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