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Through the publication of the first official trailer for GTA VI, a connection between Jason and Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption may have been discovered.

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We are still hungover in everything related to the GTA VI presentation trailer, since as the hours go by, new details of the proposal developed by Rockstar Games and that will debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S at some point yet to be determined 2025. During the last few hours it has been known that the PC version will take a little longer to be available, while the first mission of the game could have already been leaked. Now, however, what may have been discovered is a curious and unexpected connection between GTA VI and Red Dead Redemption II.

The followers of the title have not stopped diving into each frame of the GTA VI trailer to try to find out some hidden details in it and they seem to have found a connection between Jasonthe male protagonist of the new installment and Arthur Morgan, protagonist of Red Dead Redemption II. He physical resemblance is evident between both characters, which could be about a wink from Rockstarbut there are users who Arthur's hat has been found in the game dataso they believe it could be a descendant, as you can read in this publication.

Connecting both universes would be a fantastic idea on Rockstar's part, since they are its two most successful licenses and would serve as a link for what may happen in the future. For the moment, we will have to wait to find out what this matter refers to and if Jason is a descendant of the great protagonist of the 2018 video game.

The GTA VI trailer is on its way to record views on YouTube

Although a leak forced Rockstar to advance the publication of the first official trailer for GTA VI, that has not prevented it from reaching stratospheric numbers since its premiere. In these moments already far exceeds 64 million viewswhile the number of likes amounts to 7.3 million. A real madness when at the time of publication of this article 24 hours have not been exceeded since its official publication.

Of course, there is no doubt that GTA VI is the most anticipated video game of the entire generationso we will have to wait to receive new information about a title that has been in demand for more than a decade.

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