Draw 6 kg of Heura

Heura is raffling 6kg between two winners who will take 3kg each. The prize contains products such as burgers, chorizo, nuggets, steaks and more.

Heura is a brand that is responsible for producing meat of origin 100% vegetable made mainly with legumes.

That is why this brand has become a alternative to the consumption of animal meat for those people who, for various reasons, have decided to stop consuming it.

And it is not only a product designed for vegans or vegetarians, since it is also aimed at those people who are carnivorous but usually have meat-free days.

There will be 2 winners that they will take 3kg of Heura, that is to say a batch with products that include nuggets, fillets, escalope, chorizo ​​and more.

How do I participate in the Heura raffle?

Enter the Heura 6kg DrawLike the postFollow the account @heurafoods.esMention the person with whom you would make a sandwich with Heura to go see the procession in your town/city or on TV from the sofa at home


You can participate until 6 of April.


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