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DC makes crucial evolution in Bruce Wayne after decades of waiting

Bruce Wayne is one of DC's richest heroes

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The latest change to Batman's status quo may have been the perfect solution to one of readers' biggest criticisms of how he fights Bruce Wayne against crime in Gotham. The latest comics DC have shown how Batman He has gone through the most personal hell until returning on a new adventure that has given him a change that has been very well received. It all goes back to the moment when Bruce Wayne lost his immense fortune at the hands of the Joker.

DC makes crucial evolution in Bruce Wayne after decades of waiting

The last times of DC have shown how difficult things have been for the bat Gotham in the present, but his return is giving Batman a second chance to use his wealth in a way that even his biggest critics are sure to appreciate. in the comic Batman #149the version of Robin that was created by Zur-En-Arrh has already settled into the canon of DCbut it seems that his first moments in Gotham They are not happening as he thought.

Batman rescues him after finding him in the darkest streets to take him to safety in the Wayne Mansion. Shortly afterward he would perform some medical tests to discover that this peculiar clone is dying due to accelerated aging. Batman tries to delve deeper into his memoriesthinking that To-En-Arrh had to have a way to stop the rapid aging of the clone's cells. Bruce Wayne. In this sense, the owner of Wayne Enterprises visit the offices again in search of clues Zur-En-Arrh may have left behind.

There he encounters the shocking discovery that To-En-Arrh had gathered billions of dollars in secret accounts that were now beginning to become part of Bruce Wayne's estate. In this stage, Batman has bought dozens of properties in Gotham with the intention of giving a second chance to many people in the darkest city of DC. What are currently dozens of dilapidated buildings will eventually be converted into affordable housing, charities and green spaces thanks to Batman funds.

Instead of taking this money to use it to finance his crusade against crime as the Dark Knight, Batman He is investing it in things that are truly necessary for citizens. In fact, even those who have leveled such accusations at Batman They cannot argue against the plans he has in this new company. Bruce Wayne He is willing to make enormous changes in his city and is determined to use his money to fulfill each of his promises.

The comic Batman #149 It is now available.

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