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Hogwarts Legacy haters increase their mobilization against the game.

Hogwarts Legacy features enemies both in and out of the game

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The boycott against Hogwarts Legacy seems to have no end. If the barrage of criticism of those who had reserved the game already seemed alarming, the community against JK Rowling seems to want to go further. Despite the Harry Potter writer has not been involved in the gamethis belongs to his created universe and will mean rooylaties, reason enough for the “hate”, which has rebounded on a streamer who began her adventure in tears before a rain of negative comments.

Yesterday, the Girlfriend Reviews channel started its first broadcast playing Hogwarts Legacy after receiving a game code. Nevertheless, the couple formed by Matt and Shelby went from joy to uncertainty before a wave of incessant criticism in the comments of the chat of their channel. “I’m almost thinking about going offline. I’m barely into the second match and every time I look at the chat, the conversation bugs me,” Matt had to say at one point.

However, the so-called “Hogwarts Legacy haters” did not cease to criticize the couple for giving visibility to the game, which ended up causing Shelby to tearfully leave the room where the couple was recording. Frustrated, Matt admitted that the comments had managed to wreck the broadcast.

A success surrounded by criticism

The truth is the game from Warner Bros. Games It is already being a success, having been at the top of the pre-order list for weeks and its Deluxe Edition, launched today, has ended up sold out in many stores due to the support of many players. For its part, critics have already delivered their verdict. Without going any further, in our analysis of Hogwarts Legacy we anticipate that it is the “game that every Harry Potter fan has been able to dream of at some point in his life.”

That said, remember that you can now consult our complete guide to Hogwarts Legacy, where over the next few days you can find all the tricks, tips, collectibles and secrets of the game.

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