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This 3D on-rails shoot’em up will be the first time it comes to the West since its original release in 2000.

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24 years after the release of Rainbow Cotton on the SEGA Dreamcast, this beloved arcade game will return to modern consoles today in the form of remastering with Improved graphics and lots of playable features. Without a doubt, a great way to take advantage of the growing wave of taste for retro games and try to establish the series in the West, since this classic never left Japan.

It is a 3D shoot’em up that It came exclusively to the SEGA Dreamcast in 2000. and conquered Japanese players who loved arcade games by its shooting mechanics and its fantasy characters typical of 90s anime. Now, the series is preparing to make the leap internationally with an improved version of the classic.

All the details of the return of this Dreamcast classic

There is still no specific date for the arrival of this remastering of the classic Rainbow Cotton, but we know that the Success team and ININ Games are planning its launch in some time to be confirmed in 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at their classic rail shooter offering:

This remastered version of the Dreamcast classic will feature several new features, such as revamped controls that are better suited to modern times, although you will always be able to enjoy the “Dedicated retro mode” which will be responsible for replicating in the most realistic way possible the experience of the original game from 2000. In terms of visuals, it has been confirmed that the game will have some graphical improvementsas improved particle effects, ambient occlusion y “other aesthetic improvements” which the development team thinks will help make the game more appealing to contemporary audiences.

Without a doubt, today Everything with the tag “retro” draws attention although as the years go by we consider retro games from the 2000s for consoles like the Dreamcast, with which many young and not so young Today they were able to have their first approach to the world of video games. It’s a shame that SEGA’s plans to launch a Dreamcast Mini were cancelled, currently with sagas like Like a Dragon and Persona.

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