Your Club house raffles 300 Micolor Trio Caps packs

Play with My colorchallenging your memory in the online game and win one of the packs that are raffled every day valued at €4.49.

My color expands its range of detergents with the new capsule format that combines three powerful benefits:

Cleaning, protection and anti-transfer of colors.

It will no longer be a problem for a garment to accidentally come together in the wash white with one colored.

The waste of time separating the garments has gone out of style, thanks to the mixed laundry that it allows Micolor Trio Caps.

The packaging of the Micolor Trio Caps capsules is made of recycling and it has been made with renewable energy sources and less water, which makes it friendly to the environment.

How do I participate in the Micolor draw?

Take part

You will instantly know if you have won.

You have time from 1 to April 30th of 2022.

Good luck!

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