Your Club House raffles 155 Bref Tiempo Para Mi

Get a feeling of cleanliness and lasting freshness in your bathroom with one of the 5 Brief Limited Edition Tiempo Para Mi that are raffled every day.

They will be delivered through the Winning Moments Mechanics, 155 Brief of the new special edition called #TiempoParaMi that opens in its two varieties:

Bref Playmate and Bref Music lover.

With the two new fragrances of the fun special edition of Bref, your bathroom will be:

With a fresh and long-lasting perfume. Clean after each toilet flush with the cleaning foam. Protected against dirt and limescale formation in the toilet.

How do I participate in the Bref raffle?

Take part

You will instantly know if you have won.

You have from May 2 to June 2nd of 2022.


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