You look: "If there is quilombo in Boca every day, imagine yourself with Balotelli on campus"

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After the statements of Mario Balotelli, who expressed his desire to wear the Boca shirt, former soccer player Carlos Tevez, who was a teammate of the Italian in Manchester City, gave his opinion, in a stream with Sergio Agüero, regarding the striker’s intentions to arrive at the “Xeneize”.

In the middle of the talk, Kun recalled Balotelli’s sayings, which were broadcast during a stream with the former Barcelona player. “I asked him what team he liked in Argentina and Boca replied. ‘I would like to play there,’ he told me. They will have to put a leash on him so that he does not leave,” said the former footballer.

Listening to Agüero’s words, Tevez replied: “You know what? The quilombos you can do in Boca. If there are quilombos in Boca every day, imagine yourself with Balotelli on campus.”

It is worth mentioning that the Italian striker, who currently plays for Adana Demirspor in the Turkish Super League, had stated a few days ago his intentions to wear the “Xeneize” shirt. “I like Boca from Argentina. I would like to play for Boca one day,” Balotelli had declared.

In turn, in that chat with Kun, via stream, he added: “All the children in Europe grew up watching videos of Diego Maradona and Román in Boca and I have known the club for them since I was a child. At least a year I want to live it in Boca”.

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