Yanina Latorre will debut as an actress: with which actor will she work?

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During the last program of Los Angeles de la Mañana, Angel of Brito announced that Yanina Torres She will take a new step in her professional life and will debut as an actress in a television program.

“Yes, I am very happy. I cannot say much. I am very happy with this, there is an actor that I love, I have been in love with him all my life, he is Luciano Caceres” confirmed the panelist in the program.

Then he added: “I got the script, I have to study, I have a coach, next week I start and in June I start shooting.” In addition, after being consulted about her character, she assured: “I don’t know if I’m good, I haven’t read the script yet.”

Let’s remember that Latorre is also preparing to debut as a host in what will be her first radio program. She had already participated for several seasons as a panelist in the radio cycle “Polino Auténtico”, on Radio Miter, from which she was released last summer. Read more here.

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