Yanina Latorre had an accident on the street and then fell in LAM

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Yanina Torres is at this time having a strong media discussion with Anne Rosenfeldone of the panelists who joined LAM in this new stage.

The conflict occurred after the lawyer said live that Yanina did not let anyone speak and from there the war continued on social networks, where both retweeted messages against the other.

It was thus that Latorre viralized information about 16 lawsuits that fell on Rosenfeld that his own clients would have initiated and that made the lawyer spend the whole day in the media explaining what happened.

That is why the audience was waiting today for the live confrontation of both in the night cycle. However, a photo that De Brito uploaded to her networks was surprising, where Yanina is seen taking care of a man who assisted her on the street after falling.

However, like a true professional, Yanina showed up showing her bandaged foot and told how she fell. Minutes later Ángel presented the topic of the day and the panelists argued heatedly.

After the topic was over, he took the floor. Stefania Berardi who brought information about two new romances of the show business, and it was there, that Yanina fell off the chair again, and had to be assisted, and helped, by De Brito and Caroline Molinari, that they managed to seat the panelist who was tempted to laugh.

From her account, and while the program was on the air, Yanina turned to the networks and hinted that her bad day was due to Rosenfeld’s bad vibes.

“I prick my doll” and “I don’t believe in witches… but there are, there are” were some of the comments he left on his twitter account.

Yanina Latorre had an accident on the street and then

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