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Xfinity is one of the topmost internet providers which is used by a huge number of masses. Its fast speed makes the provider one of a kind. Even though Xfinity has been rated very well by the users, some people out there have also complained about Xfinity internet speed slower than advertised, not knowing its reason is even worse. You don’t know where to go or how to proceed with the issue. 

Well, there is no problem without a resolve! You may wonder aimlessly among the reasons as to why your internet is slow; if Xfinity is at fault or it is your device. To aid your issues we have prepared all the information that can resolve them. From the major reasons behind Xfinity being slow to pro tips for how to fix them, we have it all.

Now, the symptoms below are to let you know if the issue relies upon your home network:

How to handle Xfinity speed slower than plan

Let’s be clear about this one. If the internet speed issue comes from the Xfinity network then the best way to solve it is to contact Xfinity customer service. But before approaching them, you must collect some evidence that the reason behind your problem is Xfinity. How to do that? We suggest you go through multiple internet speed tests, perform various troubleshooting of the day for at least three to four days. This way you will have a record of the slow speed issue that you are facing. It will make it easier to confront the provider.

Before performing any internet speed test, you need to know what is your internet speed plan. So that you can know whether you are getting the same speed according to your internet speed plan.

What exactly is the issue?

To understand the reason, you need to reach the root of the problems. You have to find out if something is wrong with the Xfinity network if it is your home network that is at fault. Figuring it out is not that big of an issue. There are a few symptoms that can let know if the Xfinity network is faulty. What are those symptoms? 

We will find out internet speed in two ways

In the first step, we will learn how to find out internet speed through website.

  1. Visit the
  2. Click on “Go”.
  3. Now, it will show your internet “Uploading” and “Downloading” speed.

Another way, we can find out our internet speed through command prompt

  1. First, you need to download Python.
  2. During installation you must tick on “add Python 3.9 to path“. Then, click on “Custom installation“.

03. Tick on all otional features, now, click on “next” to procedd further.

04. Once, the installation gets over.

05. Open the “command promt” by searching it in the search bar.

06. First, run the command “pip install speedtest-cli“. It will install some packages.

07. Run the another command “speedtest-cli“.

08. Now, it will give you the “Downloading” and “Uploading” speed result.

How you can fix Xfinity internet speed slower than advertised issue by yourself

Check for background applications

If your Windows 10 PC running update and any kind of bandwidth burdening application open in the background like antivirus, zoom app, uTorrent may affect the functionality of your computer and internet speed too.

Let’s see how you can close background application

  1. Open “Task Manager” after typing it in the search bar.
  2. Go to the “Performance” tab.
  3. Click on “Open Resource Monitor”.
  4. Select “Network” tab.
  5. Now, right-click on the apps or programs with programs has higher send/receive requests.
  6. Select “End Process”.

Check for outdated WiFi drivers

If you are using wrong or outdated WiFi drivers can slow down connection speed or frequent internet disconnection. Wondering what’s the solution! Well, using right and latest driver can fix the issue.

There are two ways you can fix the issue fix the issue automatically and manually.

There are many PC driver updater tools out there in the internet, but, the IOBit Driver Booster 8 PRO has large database of driver and software. With the help of this software, you can keep your wifi driver upto date without searching manually.

Let’s see how you can do it manually,

How to fix XFINITY network outage

At first, let’s understand what a network outage is. It is the official term for when you stop getting network signal altogether. The major symptom of a network outage is when your Wi-Fi show a strong signal but you receive no internet connection at all. There can be various reasons for Xfinity to lose network connection. It can happen due to bad weather condition or disputes with maintenance. Whatever the reason is, the best way to fix it would be to report the issue to Xfinity. You can do it simply by logging in to your user account and going to the ‘Status centre’ section. 

Upon navigating to the page, you will find an outage map that lets you see if other users in your neighbourhood are facing similar problems. Also, you can opt for receiving text alerts from the provider itself that will send you reports regarding network status. However, if the network is down, there is no way but to wait till Xfinity resolves it completely.

To do’s when Xfinity network is mobbed

It is normal for the Xfinity network to become slower when more people from a certain area use the internet at particular times. The main reason for this is that Xfinity stands as a cable internet network. So when numerous users go online the network fails to support that large amount of data; resulting in a traffic jam like congestion. You will know the fault relies on Xfinity if it happens at a certain time of day every day. Well, when it occurs, not only you but your whole neighbourhood is facing the same experience. 

If you face network traffic frequently (most likely daily) all you can do is avoid it. How? We suggest do not go online at those particular times and schedule large downloads such as device update or premium game patches for the times when not many people use the internet; the time being late at night when the internet speed is most likely to be at its best form! However, if you really need your network fast and well 24/7, it is best to contact Xfinity customer support.

What to do when you face Xfinity internet speed slower than advertised ?

There are two major reasons that can result in such disputes. Those are

To make sure which one is the ultimate matter, you can simply go through an internet speed test. If the result shows that internet speed is quite the same as you are supposed to get, then, maybe your plan is out of date. You can solve it by just upgrading your plan. But, if the result shows that the internet speed is abnormally slower than what your plan offers, then we suggest logging in a complaint to Xfinity.

Facing slow internet because of Xfinity home network issues can be quite frustrating. We have a few pro tips to get your internet run faster! Go through the following tips-

  • Restart your internet equipment
    • Unplug your modem and router
    • Wait for about a minute and turn it on and let the internet reconnect
    • When the modem is fully connected, switch on your router. The internet will likely gain speed within minutes.
  • Change old devices like old computer and mobile phones’ hardware are sometimes unable to handle speedy internet.
  • Upgrade your router if it is more than five years old.
  • Opt for a faster internet plan.

Here, we conclude Xfinity internet speed slower than advertised.

By Geeke