Wikiparfum gives away Free Triple Perfume Samples

Wikiparfumproposes you to discover what your olfactory profile is and in exchange it will send you three free samplestwo adapted to that profile and one random.

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The same thing happened yesterday and in the end he let the profile be made after a long time.

Yesterday I signed up for the promotion but since I didn’t ask for shipping information I’ve been waiting to see if they asked me to order the samples.

And so it was today, so I share this post in case you want know your olfactory profile and receive the samples (if they have stock).

Wikiparfum It is a well-known website outside our borders that now reaches our country.

your mission is to bring you closer to the art of perfumery. With services such as letting you know which are the perfumes that may interest you the most.

Or solve various types of doubts and needs regarding the world of perfumes.

How do I get a free sample of Wikiparfum?

Request Sample

Discover that simple what your personality is in fragrance and enjoy it.

If everything went well the next day you will receive an email to tell them where you want to receive the sample.

If you do not receive that email, you will have created your olfactory profile that can be interesting to discover new perfumes that you fall in love with.

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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