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So whats happening with the Whats Happening Cast? Is there a walkout or a rerun in the works? It’s time to look at all of the details and see what makes the cast tick. We have cast members’ walkouts, and we also discuss a few of the other interesting topics surrounding the show.


If you’re familiar with the hit show What’s Happening!!, you’re probably wondering if they’re all still on the show. While the cast is largely unchanged since the show’s premiere in 1978, there are several familiar faces that have returned over the years. In particular, there are four main actors who have played key roles in the show. The show’s popularity helped boost the acting career of many of these actors.

The show was created by Bud Yorkin and aimed at teens. It stars Ernest Thomas, Haywood Nelson, and Fred Berry as three African-American teenagers in Watts, New York. The cast also includes Mabel King, who plays Roger’s sister, Dee. Other notable actors include Shirley Hemphill, Earl Billings, and Fritzi Burr, who played Mrs. Collins.


If you are a fan of the show, you may be curious about some of the cast members. Each character has a unique personality and is often portrayed in a different light. In the case of the cast of What’s Happening!!, the characters are often very different from each other. However, there are some similarities between the characters, which makes it difficult to distinguish between them.

The show’s main cast consists of three African American teens in Watts. The three characters are Haywood Nelson (as Roger Thomas), Fred Berry (as Freddy Stubbs), and Danielle Spencer (as Roger’s sister Dee). There are also a few characters that come from outside the cast, such as the mother of Roger and Dee.


During the second season of “Whats Happening,” two actors, Fred Berry and Kristin Thomas, walked out of their featured speaking roles, demanding higher salaries and improved studio accommodations. In response, the producers decided to suspend the cast and force them to sign a $25,000 promissory note if they want to return. Both men and women returned to the cast and finished the season.

The cast of the show was remarkably resilient. While the show was cancelled twice for varying reasons, the characters survived many hardships, including a deadly car crash. The show remained popular despite the cast’s many walkouts and drug use. It even survived a reboot and the deaths of three cast members.


The show’s plotline was based around the antics of Rerun. His antics became the basis for the plots, and the writers were able to build the show around his scrapes. As a result, “Rerun” became a popular teen sitcom.

The show debuted in 1976, and ran for four seasons on ABC. The main characters were class clown Rerun, the painfully shy Dwayne, and Raj’s wise beyond her years sister Dee. The show was a hit, despite a few hiccups.

Mabel King

In 1976, Barbara King gained fame in television for her role on the show What’s Happening!! as Mabel Thomas. She was famous for using the catchphrase “This is true!” when talking to children. She was a cast member on the show until 1978, when she departed after only two seasons.

Mabel King was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised in Harlem, New York. She started singing at a young age, later becoming a gospel singer and a nightclub singer. In her mid-thirties, King started acting in movies. Her first roles included Maria in Porgy and Bess and Dolly in Hello, Dolly!

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