What we know about the Windows 11 email manager

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Dubbed “Project Monarch,” this new Outlook is seen as a revival of what came before and how users are going to manage their email in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Today, there are many ways to access work and personal email, through a web browser or smartphone, as well as many mail applications available, so Microsoft believes that the time has come for a new iteration of Outlook.

Unification in Mail, an APP to rule them all

Yes, as if it were a creation of Mordor, but don’t worry, this is for the best.

Like Snipping Tool and Snip and Sketch, Microsoft has a habit of releasing more than one app that performs the same function, and Mail is another example.

Starting with Windows 8, you can use an app called Windows Mail, which houses a design reminiscent of the Metro UI that Microsoft was pushing across many apps back in 2012.

However, you can also go to your Microsoft 365 account and access your mail through Outlook, or download an app called Outlook as well.

During the May 2021 Update for Office Insiders, the new Outlook design was inadvertently shown, with a user interface reminiscent of the new Paint app in Windows 11.

A single Outlook for two Windows

This is part of the new ‘One Outlook’ project that Microsoft is working on, finally consolidating the Mail apps into a unified application to be able to manage in Windows 10 and Windows 11, without the need to install another mail app that can confuse.

It stands to reason that the new Outlook will come out in both Windows 10 and 11, as email is one of the main reasons many users have a PC in their office.

Having the same layout across both operating systems might also entice some to upgrade to Windows 11, knowing they won’t have to learn another Mail app.

Since the days of MSN Hotmail and Windows Live, Microsoft has had a great opportunity here to build on the success of Outlook, as its app on both Android and iOS has been very well received.

It is capable of managing different email accounts with ease, while offering users great customization in email deletion, folder creation, and much more.

From there, the new Outlook should take advantage of this feature in Windows 10 and Windows 11, leaving Windows Mail in the dust as a relic of Windows 8.

Although this new One Outlook is not available yet, it most likely will be as the release of Windows 11 approaches, which is speculated to be in October.

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