What is San Lechuga and why is it celebrated on April 16?

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Every April 16, Sueño Verde – a horticultural producer since 1993 – celebrates the start of the strong lettuce harvest season in Greater Buenos Aires.

With the arrival of autumn, the greatest freshness is reached in green leafy products and this, added to the optimization of harvest, processing and distribution times, results in the best lettuces of the year.

That is why it is said that San Lechuga “blesses our leaves” in this season.

Lettuces are part of our imagination in many ways: for some they are synonymous with weight loss diets, for others they are associated with healthy eating, they are also the rich and simple accompaniment to a meat dish in everyday home cooking, who are vegetarian or vegan are very interested in varieties and new combinations to enrich and vary dishes, in some Asian-influenced dishes they are used to wrap wraps… all this and more is included in the creed towards these noble and popular leaves to the time.

Lettuce devotees know that these vegetables are eaten year-round thanks to the development of greenhouse growing methods and production in different regions. But that is not an obstacle to having a special day in which to pay tribute to this food that was originally named Lactuca Sativa according to the Swedish botanist Carl Nilsson Linnæus around the year 1753.

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Sueño Verde pays tribute to San Lechuga, presenting all its lettuces washed and ready to eat. The washing and processing process is supported by IRAM and BPM (good manufacturing practices) standards that guarantee food safety and the relief of not having to sanitize and wash the leaves at home!

This year, Sueño Verde will offer 3 products with 20% OFF at its points of sale (supermarkets, delis, natural stores and online store):

“Citrus Salad” (20% OFF): Salad with lettuce and green and red sorrel leaves (which give the mix a lemon flavor). The newest in our line of Premium salads. Product washed and ready to consume. “Italian Blend” (20% OFF): Salad with lettuce, arugula and radicchio rosso. Product washed and ready to consume. “Butterfly lettuce leaves” (20% OFF): Product washed and ready to eat.

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Also to celebrate this vegetable we leave you some curiosities about this plant.

Galen called lettuce “the herb of the wise” and recommended taking an infusion of lettuce leaves before going to sleep for its sedative quality that comes from the presence of lactucarium in its stems.

The popular saying: “To be fresher than a lettuce”, indicates that someone has a healthy, lush and healthy appearance.

Soccer, lettuce and their points of contact: Gustavo “Lechuga” Alfaro, Carlos “Lechuga” Roa and Darío “Lechuga” Alaniz, all in the goal nicknamed “lettuce”. Is it because of the saint’s ability to protect the fence?

And if we talk about nutritional benefits…

More than 95% of a lettuce leaf is water and it only contains 1.4 grams of carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fiber per 100 grams. That explains its low caloric content. It is a source of vitamin C. It has magnesium, in addition to other mineral salts. It is an excellent source of fiber that improves intestinal function and digestion. Reduces anxiety and stress. Promotes muscle relaxation and helps reduce cramps, restores tissues and helps muscles recover. Helps eliminate toxins and purify the body.//

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